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Dental Hygiene Services


Extra-oral and Intra-oral Assessment – included at each appointment to review any changes in dental and medical history.

Scaling – the removal of hard and soft deposits from the teeth, to assist with prevention of gingivitis and periodontitis.

Polishing – mechanically removing bacterial plaque and extrinsic stains from the teeth using natural and chemical free paste.

Desensitizing – a procedure to help block or cover the exposed root surfaces and reduce sensitivity to cold, water air.

Custom fit mouthguard – fabricated from an impression to fit perfectly to your teeth.

Whitening – in-office professional whitening + take-home whitening using 100% pure ingredients with no fillers, no animal by-products, no preservatives or additives.  Click here for pricing options and more info.

Oral Hygiene Education – Jenn believes that caring for teeth starts as soon as the first teeth erupt in children and lasts a lifetime.

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